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Somatic embodiment dance experience

16 december 2023 @ 15:00 - 17:00


I’m delighted to invite you for a journey on Saturday 16th of December diving into the exploration of your body & soul through embodiment and sacred cacao.

Opening & Dive | Dance connection game, Cacao circle, Movement activation.
Somatic experience | Body-mind-emotion liberation, Free flow expression, Social mirroring exploration.
Integration | Sound healing, Sharing circle & Closing.

••• About dance movement practice:
Movement is a great mirror of how we feel in our lives because body stores energy, and emotion = energy in motion. So every feeling and emotion weaving in our minds (excited, triggered…) result in a energy impacting our movements. Dance movement therapy works with this concept and become the choreography of our emotions. It’s the awakening to the possibility of the connection between our emotions, our mind, our bodies, and our social feelings when applied in a group setting.
The techniques used are based on the dancer’s internal sensation, increasing awareness of his own functioning, physically, emotionally and mentally, in contrast with “performative techniques” which emphasize the external observation of movement by an audience. It is through embodiment that we can allow this exploration. In practice, this looks like many different movement and stillness, focused on the connection between bodily sensations and reactions / thoughts.
Somatic embodiment can feel overwhelming, as it’s really challenging to be in your own body without the narrative of your mind. But when entering into this state of complete self awareness, this can feel like the most expansive experience with space, compassion, ease, and peace, along with the production of endorphins, the feel good hormones, in the body and an overall relaxing and uplifting effect on body, mind and spirit.

••• About cacao:
Cacao was & is used by many ancient civilizations, mostly around Central America, to celebrate & as a connection with the gods to provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Cacao is a great source of many nutrients, anti-oxydants, and what we gonna especially tap into are her well-being psychoactive substances among which: Theobromine, “the awakener”; Anandamide “the bliss molecule”; Phenetylamine “the love chemical”; Serotonin “the calm & positive moodset”. This magic mixture is also known as a powerful heart medicine and personal growth supporter.
For this somatic experience, cacao will be of great support to boost our creativity, energy & connection to ourselves helping us in our body expression activation.


16 december 2023
15:00 - 17:00


Râ cacao
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Yoga Centrum Oosterwold
Ban Zhaoweg 10
Almere, Nederland
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06 1428 7243.
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Bedankt voor je inschrijving!